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It is common to think that a Live chat it’s just a tool to establish a communication between potential customers and a salesman, but its advantages go way beyond that.

The majority of the companies invest in social networking, Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook and more, but they don’t consider the fact that what makes these services relevant is the spontaneousness and that behind each account there is a living, flesh and bone person reading and reacting to the conversation.

Despite the fact that a great percentage of companies perform behavior studies aiming the segment that they are interested, few are able to see that it is key to obtaining more and better clients to tend their need in real time.

In other words, many companies invest a great part of their communication budget in market studies and social network posts, but few are those who invest in developing a Customer Service approach strategy.

Let’s assume the following situation: A client goes to a store to buy a product of its interest and when he walks into the store instead of getting personalized attention telling him about the benefits of the product and the available sales, he finds a mailbox that says: “Leave us your message here and we will send you a letter in response to your queries”.

Logically, a seller using this strategy will hardly sell any product. Right? Well, that's the user experience of a customer that reaches out our promotional Landing page and finds nothing more than a contact form.

Live chat in numbers

A research carried out by Livechat Inc. puts into perspective the benefits of live chat tools and the advantages it presupposes for a company that seeks to design a marketing strategy and customer services based on a live chat approach.

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Key resulst for a live chat implementation

  • Customer Satisfaction - 85.6%
  • Average number of chats - 722 /month
  • Chat duration - 10 seconds /14 minutes
  • Time of first answer - 1 second /10 minutes


Nowadays a great number of online service consumers require real-time help from a real person during their journeys within a platform that is unknown to them, in fact, most consumers consider that obtaining answers in real time is one of the most important services that a website can offer and a reason to buy a product or subscribe to a service.

Another positive aspect of the implementation of an online assistant is that a customer that leaves the platform happy will most likely to come back and will recommend the platform to others based on its positive user experience.

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