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There won’t be any sales without any visitors.. If you have a website, the most basic, and most important stat, are your website traffic stats. When considering website statistics, these are essential to know in order to maintain a strong marketing campaign. There are a lot of different website traffic stats, but we’ll go through the five most essential ones that you need to keep an extra eye on.

1. Quantity of visitors

When trying to get people to your website, it is important to actually keep on tracking how many that are coming through to it. It will give you an idea of how well your social media, SEO, PPC and other advertising methods are doing.

2. Quantity of unique visitors

This particular stat is a little bit more important than the quantity of visitors. The quantity of visitors will keep track of each time your website is visited. For example, if it is the same visitor that visit your website a hundred times, this will count as if it would be 100 visitors. The quantity of unique visitors would instead, in the same example, make that number as one visitor.

3. Length of stay

Tracking the length for how long a visitor stays at your website, is a great measure of quality content and overall site design. A visitor that is spending less than 30 seconds on your website, is most certainly not going to become a future client of your’s. The reason to this could be one of the following:

  • The content that your website provides is lackluster and not valuable.
  • The site design prevents them from pursuing further.
  • The layout makes it difficult to navigate on the website.
  • There is no lead capture form or a reason for them to submit their information.

If you ever happen to see that your website’s average length of stay never last longer than- or starts to drop below 30 seconds, I suggest you to act fast and make a difference. The quality content is extremely important. Your website always needs to include some sort of interaction and value to your target audience. If not, your online reputation can be at stake.

4. Source of traffic

What is extraordinarily important to measure is the sources of your site traffic as it indicates the search engine optimization efforts as well as the link building, email and print marketing campaigns which feature your site. Do keep in mind that search engine optimization, both local and global, take time to increase site traffic. If no traffic, driven from the search engines is seen within 4-6 months, it’s time to reevaluate the campaign. The same can be applied for email campaigns and link-building strategies. Allow a few months to see a change and react.

5. Pages visited

What is even more important than measuring the average site time and source of traffic, is analyzing the pages visited in a stay. In other words, if a site visitor only lands on the home page and then leave the site, even if they stayed for a long time, there is no direct feeling of loyalty built which doesn't help conversion rating.

What is also great about analyzing pages visited is that it can also help determine if the content you have on your website is engaging and directional. If the content doesn’t have both of those characteristics, your site’s subpages will most certainly feel the impact. Have an extra eye on these statistics and do make the necessary changes as soon as possible to direct visitors on your website to take action.

To summarize, tracking site statistics is of great importance. It is one of the most valued tasks that can be done for your business and online reputation.

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